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Types of Losses

Just some of the major causes of loss
Property was destroyed in more than a half million U.S. residential buildings last year, a result of fires so furious they damaged not only personal possessions, but the building structures themselves. In the same year, more than 50,000 commercial and industrial buildings were damaged by structural fires. These figures do not include fires in public or institutional facilities. They do not include property damaged or lost as a result of storms or other natural disasters. Any insured property can be affected and damaged. These things happen, be prepared, let Alpha Adjusting Company handle your claim.

Alpha Adjusting Company is an expert in preparing claims and negotiating settlements for all types of losses. Whether the loss is a result of a fire or the water damage created by extinguishing the blaze, whether a result of a storm or v flood or any of the multitude of other causes of loss Alpha Adjusting Company handles all types of losses - Builder's Risk, Structural Building, Business Personal Property - Inventories and Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment, Personal Property, Business Interruption, and Loss of Earnings.


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